Rules of Disc Golf

Rules of Disc Golf



In as much as the disc golf game sounds similar to the regular golf game in consideration of the 'terming,' the two are entirely different in how they are played despite having similar rules guiding the games. This is because, unlike the widely identified traditional golf game that involves aiming golf balls into target holes and inclusive of golf clubs, a disc golf game involves aiming discs into a disc basket as the target.

Disc golf may not be as easy as it might seem and sound, especially if it's your first time to be perfect and become a pro in this game; you are required to take lots of practice. The game might be played for fun (recreational purposes) or as a tournament where you play against other players. It can be pretty tricky for beginner players to participate in the disc golf game for competition purposes with other experienced players, especially if you have little training and little understanding of the game's rules.

If you are a beginner looking for assistance to understand the game well, this article will provide you with information that will guide you on the rules of the disc golf game and step by step guide for the game. The article will also briefly discuss how the game is played and the game objective.


Basic Disc Golf Rules That Must Be Applied.

 For the game to have some order, rules must be put in place to guide the game, most especially if played at the tournament level. The rules are also applicable if the disc golf game is played for fun. As a beginner player, it is essential to understand the game's rules which will be discussed down below. The following are the rules of the disc golf game that must be followed:


Courtesy Rules Of The Disc Golf Game.

The player must ensure that the disc does not cause injuries to others during throwing, either players or non-players.

Players are warned against creating distractions either through visual or audio distractions.

A player must neither curse other players nor allow to be consumed by anger and frustrations resulting from failing to score. Players must maintain their calm and composure, especially when the game score and performance are disappointing.

A player must not litter the areas within which the play is being padded.

If the disc game rule is happening on a golf field, all players are expected to obey the golf field rules and directives.

The disc golf game players should keep the ground in which they are playing clean by avoiding littering the ground and disposing of all litter in the trash cans provided.

Players must be of help and support to other players. This is by helping other players keep count on their score as the game has no referee, helping them find lost discs, and moving discs, or any other disc golf equipment.

Players who smoke must ensure that their smoking habits do not serve as a distraction for other players; therefore advised not to smoke within the game setting.

All of the above are set of rules of the disc golf game that each and every player must comply with and follow failure to which will attract consequences. A player that violates any of the courtesy rules has increased their chances of disqualification from the game.

Players should allow faster groups to play first.

Players must not interfere with a game course in any way whatsoever.

The whole point of the courtesy rules of the disc golf game is to ensure that every player respects one another, the game itself, and the course.


 Other Non-courteous Basic Rules Of The Disc Golf Game.

Discs used to play:

 All the discs used in the game must meet the game's requirements established in the document, Official Technical Standards Document by Professional Disc Golf Association (PDGA).

Players are not allowed to play with a disc that is damaged or broken.

Players are not allowed to carry around illegal discs during the game. Failure to comply with this rule of the disc golf game attracts a penalty of two throws when other players notice the illegal disc. A player that goes ahead to use an illegal disc several times in a round risks getting disqualified.

The discs that are used by the disc golf players must be marked, all disc golf game discs except for the mini-marker discs. If it happens that other players observe that you are using an unmarked disc with each throw, you attract a penalty. Using the unmarked discs in many more rounds than it catches the attention of other more players after getting warned of the unmarked discs several times, you will be disqualified.

All of the discs used by the player in the disc golf game must be accepted and approved by the director. A disc that has been found to be unapproved by the director will be considered as an illegal disc.

 Mini-markers are small discs that must meet specific requirements for them to be used in the disc golf game, such as, a disc must have a diameter of 7 to 15 centimeters and a height of maximum length of 3 centimeters.


Playing within the game course:

A player must and should play the course accordingly. The players must comply with the course conditions and directives set forth, which are set during the player's meeting, such as out-of-bound areas, and extra holes, among other course conditions in place.

Any player that displays the course with the intention of gaining competitive advantage risks being penalized and disqualified.

 Any course misplay observed after a player's total score has been calculated, the game will not be played again, and the player will have to receive a two-throw penalty for the misplay violation.


Time granted:

A player is only given a maximum of 30 seconds after the player before him has thrown, and the player has arrived at the lie mark for him to throw during his chance.

Past the 30 seconds is considered a time violation which attracts penalization.


Play order:

Each and every player must follow the order in playing of the disc golf game where the player with the lowest score on the previous hole tees off or starts the game at the other round.


The lie marker:

Once the disc is thrown and fails to fall in the basket, the place in which it has landed is marked as the place and point from which the player must throw the disc on the other round. The point at which the disc has landed is marked by a mini-disc marker. If the player happens to move the lie marker, which is the mini-disc marker risks the disc being returned to its original position before the lie marker point.

If the disc thrown by the player happens to fall on an impact and break, the player does not get a chance at replaying; rather, the most significant piece from the broken pieces is regarded as the thrown disc.

A thrown disc that rests on the water is regarded to be in motion only by the action of wind and water and known to be at rest on floating.

Violating any of the lie marker rules that is observed by other players or official will attract penalization.



A disc is considered to be out-of-bounds if it falls within the area that had been agreed upon by the other players and game officials as an out-of-bounds area. A disc is considered to be out-of-bounds when it gets lost after a throw or when it actually falls on the area marked out-of-bound. Once the disc throw is considered to be out-of-bounds, then the player is allowed to go again.


The mandatory.

This is the path in which the player must direct the disc when drawing into the basket as marked by the director or course designer. The purpose of the mandate is to:

To ensure that the disc thrown does not cause harm to other people or damage to the surrounding property.

The mandatory is supposed to make the game a little bit harder.

It evens the ground for each and every player as it is from this point every player throws the disc from discouraging any kind of winning tactics by players.

Any player that violates the mandatory regulations, for instance, by missing the mandatory several times, risks being penalized.

Now that the rules have been clearly discussed above, which is among the most essential step to understanding the game, this article will briefly guide you on how the game is played.


Step By Step Guide For Beginners On How To Play The Disc Golf Game.

The first step is to identify how the game is played and what equipment is required to play the game. This is by learning and understanding the above rules and how the game is played practically.

Disc golf game is played using flying discs that are targeted and aimed to pass through a hole which is often a basket. The flying disc is thrown from the tee point into the basket. As the player heads down the fairway, the player throws the disc in the next round from the point in which the disc had landed previously. The terrain and location were chosen for the game often are supposed to be complex and challenging to the players. A player scores once the flying disc enters the hole (basket)

The second step is to figure out how to get started. Shop for the equipment required for you to start your disc golf game experience. Visit a sports shop with sports equipment and shop for the correct disc golf game equipment. Look out to shop for discs that are not suitable such as the regular Frisbee. The regular Frisbee will give you a hard time as they are heavier in weight and more prominent in size, making them difficult to use.

The third step is to identify and understand how the disc golf equipment works. Let's start with the discs. The discs you purchase must be very easy on your hands and comfortable to use as you are a beginner. For the discs, you need to identify three types which are the driver, mid-range, and putter. The driver is the disc that is used initially as the game begins. It is best for speed and distance.

The mid-range is the best as it has a remarkable ability to stay in the air and high accuracy level. It is recommended if the shots taken are not far away from the basket.

The putter is meant to be used for shorter distances. It is best when you are doing a completion shot into the hole.

The next step is to identify what disc works out for you with the type and weight in mind. For the disc manufacturers, they create discs in different sizes and weights to serve the different skills of different players. The more advanced players may choose to use the more advanced golf discs, but for you, you need to use a golf disc that makes your learning easier. As you get used to playing with enough training, you will definitely be able and comfortable using any ball of any type and size.

The final step is to get into the playing ground and begin your practice. As a beginner, you will want to have someone with much experience train you so you may get better in a short period of time. As you train, participate in disc golf games either for fun or tournaments, and you will get better with time.


Objective Of Playing The Disc Golf Game.

The objective of playing the disc golf game is to make sure that with each throw, the disc hits the hole through very few strokes. The objective is also to avoid penalization throughout the game and to win as the person with the minor strokes emerges as the winner of the game.


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