Thoughts On Cole Redalen DNF at DDO

Thoughts On Cole Redalen DNF at DDO

Did Cole Redalen DQ himself at the DDO? | Disc Golf Sportsmanship 


Did Cole Redalen walks off the course at the Dynamic Discs Open (DDO)? This video explores this disc golf controversy and the debate surrounding sportsmanship in the sport.

 VIDEO: Thoughts on Cole Redalen walking off due to poor play?

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The video features footage of Redalen throwing a disc, followed by what appears to be him walking away from the course. This prompts a conversation between the show's hosts about the appropriateness of Redalen's actions. The general consensus is that Redalen should have finished the tournament, regardless of his performance.


Commentators have criticized Redalen's decision as unprofessional and disrespectful to the other players and the tournament. They argue that it also portrays disc golf in a negative light. One commentator emphasized the importance of sportsmanship, especially since disc golf is at a critical juncture as it grows in popularity. This commentator questions whether disc golf aspires to be a professional sport, and if so, such behavior cannot be tolerated.

Another commentator dismisses Redalen's explanation of being in a bad mental state, arguing that professional athletes compete through difficult moments all the time. The overall sentiment leans towards disapproval of Redalen's actions.

This video compels viewers to consider the importance of sportsmanship in disc golf and to contemplate the direction the sport should take moving forward. Should disc golf prioritize professionalism, or can it retain its casual character?

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