Top Men’s Disc Golf Shoes 2022

Top Men’s Disc Golf Shoes 2022

Top Men’s Disc Golf Shoes


If you have been in the game of disc golf for any significant amount of time, you know that the appropriate shoes can make the difference between a par and a birdie. The right disc golf shoes can help with traction when playing on uneven terrains and provide the right amount of leverage to achieve your best shot. 


Below we have rated our top 10 best disc golf shoes that will withstand whatever climate you are playing in and allow you to experience your full potential during each match.



#1. Adidas outdoor Men's Terrex Swift R2 GTX

#2. Adidas Terrex AX2R

#3. Merrell Men's Moab 2 Vent Hiking Shoe

#4. Salomon X Ultra 3 Gore-Tex

#5. KEEN Men’s Targhee II Hiking Shoes

#6. New Balance 410 V6 Trail Runner


#1. Adidas Outdoor Men's Terrex Swift R2 GTX





Adidas outdoor Men's Terrex Swifts R2 GTX

From the nationally renowned brand, Adidas, comes a lightweight, sturdy shoe for your disc golf experience.

Classified as a men’s walking shoe, the Adidas Terrex has the look of a hiking boot, but works well when playing outdoors, and can also double as an athletic shoe. Adidas Terrex has sponsored 5X World Champion Paul Mcbeth along with Kona Panis and has become very popular in the disc golf world


Made with a combo of synthetic and mesh material this shoe is very durable which is key when playing and hiking outdoors. 

This shoe uses traxion rubbers which offer great traction and grip on multiple surfaces, whether that be wet, dry, or rocky. It also uses a waterproof membrane which allows it to be waterproof resistant. This allows you to play in a rainy climate without worrying about wet uncomfortable feet. 

Make sure you give yourself time to break this shoe in before a big match. This shoe does require time to get used to your feet. 


#2. Adidas Terrex AX2R

Coming in at number 2 we have another Adidas brand, the outdoor men’s Terrex AX2R, that is known for its lightweight and can also be known as a hiking boot as well as multiple uses for outdoor activity. 

This shoe specializes in giving individuals traction and balance while playing or hiking on rough and rocky terrains. The rubber outsole helps with the traction and grip for various surfaces such as wet, dry, slippery, and rocky. As a disc golf player, you will never have to worry about slippery or uneven surfaces with these shoes. Depending on what courses you usually play this could be very helpful.

The Terrex AX2R uses EVA cushioning and the ADIPRENE support heels as well as protects the foot and acts as a shock absorber. 

The sock liner mold adds comfort and the material is made to be breathable that can dry quickly when wet. Make sure to size up half a size to prevent bunions and blisters. 


Adidas Terrex AX2R











#3.  Merrell Men's Moab 2 Vent Hiking Shoe


This shoe specializes in anyone who often plays on rocky, tough, muddy terrain. This shoe provides extra sturdiness for such surfaces. Although they are advertised as high-quality hiker shoes, they are also used as high quality disc golf shoes because of their gripping abilities. 

The Moab is made of mesh on the outer cover which makes it very breathable. The 5mm lugs do an excellent job gripping slippery surfaces despite lacking spikes.

The leather uppers and mesh lining keep your feet dry, cool, and moisture free which come in handy when playing on those hot, humid, summer days. 

The leather toe caps are beneficial for those who drag their toes while teeing off.

These shoes have been proven to withstand over time, especially after playing hundreds of rounds of disc golf. This shoe is also excellent for those who have fallen arches because they provide extra heel and arch support. 

The Moab 2 is tougher and more durable than some of the other shoes, which does make it heavier and not as lightweight. 


Merrell Men's Moab 2 Vent Hiking Shoe













#4. Salomon X Ultra 3 Gore-Tex 

Salmon Men’s Speedcross 4 Trail Running Shoe

For number three we have the cleat like Salmon Men’s Speedcross 4 Trail Running Shoe.

If you are looking for a shoe that is absolutely unbeatable in the snow, mud, and wet conditions, this is the shoe for you. 


The quick lace system makes it very convenient and you don’t have to worry about dirty shoelaces after spending a long day playing outdoors. The mesh surrounding the outside of the shoe is an anti-debris mesh to help restrict most dirt and debris you may pick up while out on the course. 

For extra comfort this shoe provides a rounded toe box to give extra room, and an endo fit inner sleeve that wraps around the entire foot for better support. 

This lightweight shoe runs small and is “slim” , so check the sizing guide before purchasing this. 


Matty O ( Matt Orum ) seen wearing a pair of his Salomon’s . Credit for photo: Alyssa Van Lanen












#5.  KEEN Men’s Targhee II Hiking Shoes


KEEN Men’s Targhee II Hiking Shoes


Holding down the 5th spot we have the KEEN Men’s Targhee II Hiking Shoes. The KEEN brand is known for their waterproof shoes, and now they have designed a waterproof shoe in 100% leather. The leather allows a more stylish, sleek look that you don’t normally experience in a hiking shoe. Like the Moab 2 Waterproof, these are also advertised as hiking shoes, but can be used for disc golf as well. 


The upper is made from waterproof nubuck leather which can help withstand the test of time. The 4mm lugs help grip on multiple terrains, including muddy environments and rocky surfaces. 


The waterproof membrane allows vapor to be released without letting water be submerged inside the shoe. The hydrophobic mesh lining keeps your feet dry and adds style to the shoe. 


This is a thicker shoe, so it may be more beneficial in colder areas.




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  • Danner trail 2650 are truly the best disc golf shoe out there. Grippy, comfortable, waterproof, lightweight, and last a LONG time.
    Addias fall apart. Merrel are too heavy and clunky. People from the PNW know that Danner makes the best shoes.

    Preston the Mailman

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