Chandler Kramer Q &A: Renews Contracts for 2023 Season

Chandler Kramer Q &A: Renews Contracts for 2023 Season


We had the opportunity to sit down and speak with Chandler about his backstory in disc golf, the 2022 season, and expectations for the 2023 season. Chandler will be carrying Discology bags for the upcoming season and throwing Lone Star Discs. His signature disc will be the Warbird.


Where did you grow up & go to school? 

I grew up in Lorena, Texas but went to school in Robinson. Usually I just say waco since nobody knows where either of those places are. I played all kinds of sports growing up such as soccer, baseball, and tennis competitively. I played a lot of other sports recreationally. That was pretty much my main interest growing up besides video games. 

How did you get into disc golf?

I got into disc golf about midway through college. I was getting a little tired with ultimate and wanted to try something that I could do by myself so I went out and played disc golf. I had a disc that my sister had given me for Christmas that she thought was an ultimate frisbee but it was actually a champion boss. I played that round and was hooked ever since. 

Whats you favorite thing about Disc Golf?

I really like competing. I’ve always played sports and the competition in disc golf is great. This past year I’d say my favorite thing was the amount of traveling I did. I had a lot of fun on the road and was able to visit some places I don’t think I would’ve ever been to if it hadn’t been for disc golf. Apart from the travel, I like that every round has a uniqueness to it, you can’t go out and shoot an identical round every time. 

What's you favorite Course?

My favorite course was Roy G Guerrero park in Austin, Texas. Unfortunately I heard they’re redesigning it and making it way shorter. Now, my favorite course is probably Harmony Bends. 

How and when did you decide to go pro?

I had been playing for a few months and had noticed I was progressing faster than even I had anticipated. One day I just decided maybe it was time to get my membership and play a tournament. I bought my membership and accidentally signed up for MPO at the C tier I was going to play. I ended up getting 3rd and decided to just continue playing MPO. I think my PDGA account says I have some amateur events I’ve played but to my knowledge I’ve never signed up for a tournament in an amateur division. 

Best and Worst things about being on tour?

Best things are traveling and playing all the courses. We get to play some of the best in the world and sometimes I forget that. Worst thing is the sometimes long car rides in between tournaments. 

Looking back at 2022 season what were the highlights, lowlights, and things you learned from?

Well the obvious highlight for me was my Europe trip where I went 5th at Sula and then 5th at a major where I played on the lead card for the last two rounds. For me personally, the lowlights were the first half of the season. I could’ve played so much better at a lot of the earlier tournaments. I am happy that I didn’t play as well as I had hoped because it made me learn that things aren’t always going to go your way. You have to be able to adapt and stay focused the whole time no matter what is thrown at you. 

For the 2023 season what are you looking forward to the most?

I’m looking forward to just going out and playing another year on tour. Now that I’ve seen the courses I have a better idea what to do on them. Also I’m excited to have somebody traveling with me this year. Robert Burridge will be along side me traveling.
I want to thank all of my sponsors and fans for the support because it means a lot! I’m really looking forward to the future because I have a lot of things in the works. Also use code KRAMER10 and get yourself a bag at Discology.


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  • This sport needs good role models for helping to combat obesity at an early age. The younger the better. Chandler represents everyone well.

    Far Age

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