Robert Burridge Q & A: Announces Departure from Innova and New Signings

Robert Burridge Q & A: Announces Departure from Innova and New Signings


        2023 Season is getting set to start and with every new season come big moves across the board. One of those big moves involves Robert Burridge. This offseason he has made some big moves leaving Innova to sign with up and coming companies. For 2023 Robert has signed a deal with Lone Star Discs to throw the Texas made plastic for 2023. Robert has also signed with the bag company Discology to carry their bags for the year as well. We had the chance to speak with Robert in a Q & A session to gain some insight on his past, present, and future in disc golf. 


Where did you grow up & go to school? 

"I grew up in Houston, Texas, going to school at Clear Lake High School. After high school I went to college at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, where I graduated in December of 2022."
When I was younger, I almost exclusively played soccer, at both club and school levels. I was awarded top soccer district achievements, and helped lead my team to a First place finish in our Division. I played pickup ultimate with my dad whenever I could make it out, but that was the extent of my frisbee playing.

How did you get into disc golf?

 I was introduced to disc golf by my dad sometime when I was in elementary or middle school. He would take me out and give me a couple beginner discs, like an old San Marino Aviar and a DX Stingray, and let me throw along with him. It wasn't until about 2017 that I started to get into disc golf more seriously. I met the Bayou City Disc Golf Club and Friendswood Disc Golf Club, and their weekly minis kept me coming back and getting better.

Whats you favorite thing about Disc Golf?

 My favorite thing about disc golf has to be the sights. Some of the courses that are played on tour are just gorgeous, and the sights are just unparalleled. From Smuggler's Notch to Santa Cruz, the courses and views are worth just the experience.

What's you favorite Course?

My favorite course has to have been the Toboggan course in Michigan. Besides just the massive downhill and uphill shots, this was the first pro tour course that I ever really watched, and it was one of the first Pro Tour caliber courses I ever played. It has memories attached to it which make it up there as one of my favorites.

How and when did you decide to go pro?

I decided to go pro at the NADGT Championships in 2021. I wanted to play the US Amateur Championships and Amateur Worlds, and since I qualified for the NADGT Championsihps that year, I decided to finish off the top amateur tournaments before going pro. 2021 was my first year to truly play tournaments at that level, so I wanted to compete at the Amateur level before going Pro.

Best and Worst things about being on tour?

 Being on tour is tough. The constant moving around and not always having space to do what you want. However, it is worth it because of the culture that is cultivated between the touring pros and seeing all the different areas and cultures of the places we go. Some of the best things have to be those. The multitude of cultures that can be seen and experienced by the pros as they travel around the country, and the feeling of being a part of a larger group, especially in an individual sport, makes being on tour much better than it could be alone.

Looking back at 2022 season what were the highlights, lowlights, and things you learned from?

    In 2022, the highlights were the times between rounds. The times I spent with friends, and people that became friends, are times that I am not going to forget anytime soon. The relationships I've made are some that I will hope to keep for a long time in the future.
     The lowlights were missing the last round cut of all the 4 round tournaments. I know I am better than that, and I'm excited to show it next year. I've learned that consistency is key to competing and playing at a high level, or at any level for that matter. I was consistently inconsistent this year, which was really frustrating. I managed to always shoot one really good round, one really bad round, and one round somewhere in between. This upcoming year, I am looking for consistency.

Looking forward to 2023 season what are you looking forward to the most

In 2023, I am looking forward to being able to improve myself and my game by competing against the best all year long. I am going on the full tour for the first time, which I had a taste of in 2022. The thing I'm looking forward to most has to be getting to play the full tour. In the past, I have had school in the back of my mind at all points. Now that I am graduated, I can focus solely on disc golf for a bit, and I am really looking forward to where it takes me.
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