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Discology OG V2 Bag Review

Disc Golf Weekly Review

Discology OG v2 bag


Discology is a relatively new disc golf company, having only been around a couple of years. They currently have two bags on the market, the Izzo and the OG. We currently have the OG in the V2 (updated version) and have been testing it to let you all know what it's like.


The OG is a tournament style bag that can hold more than enough discs to get you through any round on any course. The front main compartment in our experience holds 16-18 discs of varying speeds. The front flap also has 2 slots sewn in to hold a couple more discs, which is perfect for approach discs or discs that you think you'll use most.


There's 2 pockets at the top of the bag that are super well suited for putters and can easily hold 3 to 4 discs in each. Just below those 2 pockets is a hook and loop strip to put all your patches. We're also sure that over time as the materials stretch and settle in a little, more discs can also be squeezed in.


This bag also had tons of storage, with pockets a plenty. On both sides there are tall, nearly full height pockets. In one side are sewn in a couple small pockets to store smaller items such as keys, wallets, or a phone (one of them being lined). The other side has a strap to secure something inside the pocket (we're thinking umbrella or stool). There are also straps to cinch down the outside of both pockets.

At the bottom of those outer pockets are small elastic top mesh pockets (which would be great for drybag or keys), as well as a large water bottle pocket with elasticated top on each side and big enough to hold a large Nalgene bottle.


There's also a couple sneaky little pockets in this bag that you can use to hide some smaller items. One of the pockets being inside the main disc compartment on the bottom. It has a lengthwise zip but may be a little hard to access when full of discs. The other pocket is hidden behind the main back pad, this is probably the most covert pocket and actually took us quite some time to notice that it was even there.


The OG V2 is fairly light weight, but if you plan to fill it to the brim with discs you'll have to expect it to be fairly hefty. However, even if loaded to max capacity, we've found this bag to be exceptionally comfortable. The straps have plenty of padding but it's more the placement and ergonomics of the straps that seems to distribute the weight very well. We know that fit and comfort can vary from person to person, but everyone that we've had try it hasn't had any issue. There's also a sternum strap should you decide to get a little more active between holes or on your way to the course.


The bottom of the bag has 4 large feet and a structure panel that does a decent job keeping the bag off of the wet ground and an even better job at keeping the bag upright.


So far this bag looks and feels great, and at time of writing this, is only $89.99 which makes it an incredible deal. We'll continue to use this bag and will update you in early 2023 with how it's holding up to frequent practice and tournament use. Click the button below to go to Discology's website where you can purchase one of these bags for yourself.

- Disc Golf Weekly
Check out the bag here
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