Disc Golf as a sport has exploded in popularity over the past few years. Everybody remembers the first time they went out on the course with their friends. The first time they threw a disc perfectly and how it flew, and just how much fun in general you had while playing. Like most fellow disc golfers, you want to play again, begin researching, want to get better and continue along with your disc golf journey. Then you come to a realization that hits us all at some point, and that is “I have got to get good at putting”.


Putting is 100% necessary to add to your disc golf arsenal to get those scores down. Also, nothing feels better than banging those chains from 40 feet out. You must learn proper putting technique for you, but equally important you must find a putter that fits you. Having a putter that feels just right in your hand, and  feels great when you release it plays a huge role in your putting game improvement. When you look at your putter in your bag its your companion, your friend, your ally, something that gives you confidence that you are about to bust this putt.


With that being said, we wanted to provide you with a list of the TOP FIVE PUTTERS that you may want to consider trying. We will give a breakdown of each putter on the list. Our goal is to help you make a decision to try one if you are new to the game, or maybe looking to switch to something new. Before we start, I want to add all of these are great options. They will numbered ( mainly for organization sake ) , but any of these could be your #1.



Flight Numbers






The P2 is not only Discmania’s flagship putter, but one of their flagship discs in general. It is a very popular choice among disc golfers, and for good reason. PDGA stars Simon Lizotte and Eagle McMahon rely heavily on the P2 to get the job done. Originally designed for pros, however it will fit nicely in the bag of any skill level player.

The P2 was built to be a slightly overstable, straight flying consistent putter. Due to more stability, the P2 works great for approach shots, as well as throwing into headwinds with a predicable outcome. Recently, Discmania made a lot of huge changes. Switching manufacturing to in house in Sweden, and changing their plastic and molds. It is no surprise the first disc they chose to rollout is the P2. Players around the world are already reporting back great reviews on the Originals line. We are excited to see what Discmania has in store for the future. This can only be good news for the disc golf community.




Innova has been in the disc golf game for 38 years. They have been an industry leader and pioneer developing a rock solid line of discs from back to front. Leading the pack from Innova on the putting front is the Aviar. The Aviar has stood the test of time, and is still a very popular choice among players. Because of its consistency, the Aviar is a great choice for beginner players. Many players who start with an Aviar, remain with one throughout their disc golf journey. Another huge plus for this putter is availability. Innovas distribution network is second to none, so for the most part their discs are easier to find.




The Envy from MVP has been getting a lot of notoriety as of late. James Conrad made the shot of the century at worlds with this disc, with the sun in his eyes, from a couple hundred feet away ( it looked like ) However, the Envy has been getting the job done on the course long before the James Conrad incident. Where this discs shines is on longer approach shots and off the tee. The Envy / Atom will get better the more you use it. Over time it will get straighter, more consistent and become you're go to off the tee, as well as as all putting situations. The disc feels absolutely great in the hand, and the release feels just as good. Grab one and give you a try, you will not be disappointed. Worst case your bag will gain an awesome approach disc option to help your game.



If you have seen Paul Mcbeth putt over the last few years, it has been with a Luna. Granted, it is Paul Mcbeth and he makes most hard things on the course look easy. This is not to discredit the craftsmanship shown by Discraft in their Luna. The putter lineup from Discraft is somewhat crowded ( not a bad thing ) , and the Luna leads the pack. The Jawbreaker style plastic is also a unique feature to the Luna. This is welcome to players that may throw other discs featuring Discraft Jawbreaker plastic. The Luna has a similar feel depth and rim wise as the P2 and the Aviar. So if you like one of the later, pick up a Luna and give it a try. Be warned, you might end up with a whole bag full.



Round out the TOP 5 list is the Judge by Dynamic Discs. The Judge is a legend and fantastic putter, but as I mentioned at the beginning any of these could be your #1. The Judge does it all, and does it all very well. Extremely consistent for putting, good option for upshots, and a solid option for your driving putter. Similar to Innova, another perk about going with Dynamic is their robust network. They have been in a the game for a long time and have done a great job with their distribution network. Being a suitable option for beginners and pros is also a good way to describe the Judge. It feels real good in the hands, and how a disc feels to you is extremely important for your choice. It just so happens that the majority of the disc golf community agrees with he fact the Judge just feels good in the hands.



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