3 Reasons to Buy the Discology Icon Bag

3 Reasons to Buy the Discology Icon Bag

There are many reasons to buy the new Discology Icon disc golf bag but we’ve narrowed the list down to the top 3 most important reasons. From its absolutely massive disc storage, room for accessories, clothes, and more, and the fact that it feels light enough to carry around all round fully stocked without a problem, the Discology Icon is one of the best new bags on the market. Coming in two patterns, Sapphire Blue and Crimson Red, the Icon looks great and retails for only $139.99, making it one of the best deals on the disc golf bag market! Did we mention it comes with a free rainfly?

If you are looking to buy a Discology Icon, click here for Sapphire Blue and here for Crimson Red!

Discology Icon Disc Storage

The Discology Icons disc storage is the standout reason so many amateurs and pros (Hailey King and Robert Burridge included) trust this bag. In our testing, the Icon can hold 18+ discs in the front compartment, 6 drivers in a side compartment, 5 putters in the top pouches, and another disc in the lower front pouch. That puts the Discology Icon’s disc storage at a whopping 30 discs with room for two bottles of water, minis, and anything else you can think of. This bag is massive! 

Let’s take a look and see how you can max out disc storage in the Discology Icon bag:

  • 18 in the Main Compartment
  • 12 in Side Pockets
  • 5 in Putter Pouches
  • 1 in the Front Pocket
  • 8 in Side Compartments

Giving us an absolute total storage in the Discology Icon of 44 discs! That’s a lot! Let us know if you can fit more in your disc golf bag.

Discology Icon Capabilities

Combining the Icon’s disc storage abilities with the rest of its storage capabilities is our reason number two for why you need to buy this bag. As mentioned above, the Icon can easily hold 30 discs while having room for so much more. Below is a quick list of what storage you’ve got left after loading your Discology Icon with discs.

  • Two Massive Side Storage Compartments
  • One Side Storage Pocket for two bottles of Water, Cellphone, or anything else you need on the course
  • Umbrella or Disc Retriever Compartment 
  • Mini and Notepad Storage

Looking at the list above, you essentially can carry your entire life around with you on the disc golf course with the Discology Icon. It’s huge!

Discology Icon Price

Finding a disc golf bag that’s inexpensive and of great value these days is difficult. While companies such as Pound and Squatch charge a premium for disc storage and features, and Grip uses sponsored pros to justify high prices, the disc golf bag market is difficult to navigate. Discology has found a way to provide an extremely high value for less than half the price of Pound bags and nearly $100 less than the rest of the competition! At only $149.99, the Discology Icon is essentially a steal for what it provides:

  • 30+ Disc Storage
  • Massive Storage on Both Sides
  • Water and Cellphone Storage
  • Water Proof Zippers and Water Resistant Coated Material
  • Rainfly (included at no extra cost!!!)
  • Umbrella and Disc Retriever Pocket

Buy the Discology Icon Today 

For these three reasons (Storage, Capabilities, and Value), the Discology Icon is the best new bag on the disc golf market. It’s massive, affordable, and comes with all the great features that the big-name brands provide at a fraction of the price. From the second you load up the Icon bag, throw it on your back, and use it for a round you’ll understand the hype. Did we mention it looks great too? Try the Discology Icon today!

Read the Discology Icon review our friends at the Birdie Blog wrote, here!
Credit: Birdie Blog - Samuel Inden

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