Discology OG V2 Review


Choosing the best disc golf bag for your game is important. For most players, the right disc golf bag will have ample disc capacity, plenty of storage options and a high level of comfort without being overly heavy. The Discology OG V2 checks all of those bags at a great price ($89.99 with a one-year guarantee!) In our Discology OG V2 Review, we’ll cover 5 key features of what makes this one of the best disc golf bags for sale today!


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  1. Big Storage, Compact Disc Golf Bag 

The best compact disc golf bag doesn’t have to skimp on disc capacity and storage options. Some disc golf bags at this price point and size often struggle to fit many discs or if they do, the bag sacrifices storage options in other areas. The Discology OG V2 has you covered both in disc space and accessory storage. Here’s a quick breakdown of the Discology OG V2 storage options:

  1. Main Disc Storage Capacity: 17 or more discs
  2. 2 Putter Pouches
  3. 2 Additional Front Disc Pockets
  4. 2 Side Storage Areas
  5. 2 Water Storage Areas (Up to a 32 Oz. Nalgene bottle in both)
  6. 1 Hidden Storage Compartment in the back (perfect for wallet and keys)
  7. 2 Cell Phone Side Pockets

  1. Best Looking Disc Golf Bag on the Market


Bragging isn’t bad if you can back it up. The Discology OG V2 in the brand new Vice colorway might take the cake for the best looking disc golf bag released in 2023. The bag sports aqua, hot pink and black color blocking, giving the Discology OG V2 an 80’s Miami Vice vibe (hence the colorway name Vice.) If you’re looking to standout on the course without having to spend your entire paycheck, the Discology OG V2 (in any colorway we might add) is the perfect bag for you!

  1. Comfort is King

At Discology Disc Golf, making comfortable disc golf bags is of the highest importance. The Discology OG V2 is no exception. The OG V2 is one of the best disc golf bags on the market in terms of comfort. The bag features extra padding on the backstraps and three large padded areas on the back. Not only is the Discology OG V2 comfortable, it’s ultra light too, making this bag a breeze to carry around the course for a round or even three.  

  1. The Best Priced Disc Golf Bag on the Market

The Discology OG V2 only costs $89.99. With that price you get as much storage as a Grip EQ AX5 ($179.99.) Better looks than a Pound Octothorpe ($399.99.) And the same amount of water storage as a Prodigy BP-1 V3 ($124.99.)  The Discology OG V2 is one of the most versatile bags on the market and one of the best prices disc golf bags as well. So why haven't you bought one yet?

  1. Discology’s One-Year Warranty 

If the four reasons listed above don’t sway you to buy a Discology OG V2, maybe Discology’s one year guarantee will. If you’re not completely satisfied with the Discology OG V2, this bag comes with a 100% money back guarantee. This is just another great reason you’ll love playing with a Discology Disc Golf bag. 

Dicology OG V2 Final Thoughts

All in all, the Discology OG V2 is one of the best disc golf bags for just about any player. It’s got massive amounts of storage in a relatively compact size. It’s rugged and stands up to the same standards in structure and reliability as most if not all of the top-tier disc golf bags. It looks amazing, especially in the brand new Vice colorway. But most of all, it’s just about the best value for your money in the disc golf bag market. For only $89.99 you can pretty much have it all with the Discology OG V2! 

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Credit: Samuel Inden @ www.birdieblog.com
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